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Adapt-a-Stop® connection brackets protect & comply:


  • Protect warehouses, facilities, & stored product from forklift or pallet jack damage
  • Make aligning pallets in bays easier by providing a sturdy guide
  • Regulate space between pallets & walls or aisles
  • Guarantee rodent trap space along walls; fulfilling food storage regulations
  • Comply with building & fire code ordinances ensuring required flue space
  • Improve warehouse safety by keeping product from falling off racks



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Bolt-on Stand-alone Bracket















Adapt-a-Stop® connection brackets easily attach to pallet rack uprights or horizontal beams. Once brackets are installed, attach a pallet rack horizontal beam to the back of the brackets, creating a load stop beam. Alternatively, combine Adapt-a-Stop® horizontal strut channel models with readily available strut channel beams, such as Unistrut, Superstrut, etc., to create a less costly load stop beam. For vertical flue space protection, use 3" x 1.5" upright channel or 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" strut channel with vertical Adapt-a-Stop® brackets.

Use any model of Adapt-a-Stop® brackets to build load stops that can adapt to any bay size and required clearances.  





Simple Installation:

Adapt-a-Stop® connection brackets install on pallet racks in 2 easy steps:



1. Attach brackets at needed height.

2. Connect desired load stop beam style to brackets.



That's it! You've now got a sturdy Adapt-a-Stop® load stop ready to guard against damage and assist material handlers with aligning pallets; complying with building and fire code regulations. Protect and comply at the same time!






Choose from a variety of models:

We are the one-stop load stop shop!  There are several Adapt-a-Stop® bracket models to choose from for horizontal or vertical load stop installations. Place your order mixing the model types for what you need. For example, vertical load stop brackets can be ordered for use on higher pallet rack bays to ensure flue space is kept clear. (See connection drawing). Fire code regulations require at least 6" space between pallet material. Brackets can be used against a wall or on racks that are back to back combined with a vertical load stop bar. (See top view drawing). Combine horizontal load stop systems, which are typcially used at floor level bays, to provide heavy duty protection from material handling activities.


Different types of models are readily available for Teardrop style pallet rack systems. We can also provide units for other pallet rack types such as Structural, Interlake, Ridg-u-Rak, or Sturdibuilt. Customized brackets and special order load beams are also available. Specify desired types when ordering. See the Products page and Photo Gallery page of our website for details. 





Adapt-a-Stop® load stops are an affordable alternative to the infrequently used custom load stop bars on the market today. When height and offset flexibility, ease of use, and material handling productivity are a concern, Adapt-a-Stop® load stops will easily fulfill your needs. 


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Material handling supply resellers can order Adapt-a-Stop® brackets in bulk. Take advantage of volume discounts and store a compact set of brackets to quickly fill orders.  Sales representatives can keep a couple bracket models as samples to conveniently demonstrate their use when visiting customers. 





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Adapt-a-Stop® products are endorsed by The International Food Safety Institute (IFSI). IFSI builds food safety programs, conducts food safety audits, and provides safe handling and storage training to the food industry. 



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