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About Adapt-a-Stop®

The invention of Adapt-a-Stop® connection brackets came about because of a warehouse expansion project that was underway. Yes, necessity truly is the mother of invention! The first model of Adapt-a-Stop® connection brackets were created as a result of an immediate need and a clever idea coming together.

With an impending deadline to get the new section of the warehouse up and running, bad news was given to the project manager working on the construction project that the order for custom made load stop bars was overlooked. It was going to take another 6 to 8 weeks for the bars to be fabricated and delivered. After checking with local suppliers, it became apparent that there was nothing readily available. Most of the material handling suppliers that were contacted didn't even know load stop bars existed.

Acting as a consultant and project manager for large wholesale food suppliers, the project manager has over 30 years experience in the industrial refrigeration industry and is now a retired, inactive status, licensed contractor. Over the course of his career, the project manager had seen repeated accidental damage to walls, doors, piping, equipment and other items. No matter how careful material handlers were, they often misjudged the distance between the back of pallet rack bays and nearby items.

Not willing to give up on keeping the new section of the refrigerated warehouse as damage free as possible, the project manager came up with a great idea.  Make load stops using readily available horizontal pallet rack beams with brackets that connect to upright beams. With the help of a metal fabricator, they designed and produced their first Adapt-a-Stop® connection bracket. 
Our brackets are fabricated in the USA by FBS Group, Inc. FBS Group manufactures a wide range of steel fabricated products including warehouse rack repair components, pallet rack protection devices, stairways, steel pallets, conveyor crossovers, barrier rails, catwalks, trash chutes and much more.