Protect walls, doors, piping & other warehouse items:

Adapt-a-Stop® load stops easily cover the length of several bays, adapting to a variety of bay sizes, using standard pallet rack horizontal load beams, strut channel, or slotted vertical beams.  Food storage warehouses will greatly benefit from having aligned pallets since complying with rodent trap placement regulations is made easier.  Pallets stay in the bay because of the Adapt-a-Stop® load stop, standardizing clearances from walls and other items nearby, and complying with fire code regulations for maintaining longtitudinal flue spaces.


 Rodent3  bays door1  
 V2A  hstrut3web  V6


AA-1 Installed Back to Back Racks

AA 4inst1w AA-4 Installed 2


The Adapt-a-Stop® Stand-Alone bracket models are designed for lower cost quick and easy installations.  

Stand-alone load stop brackets Low cost 2-hole stand-alone bracket 6-Hole Screw-on Load Stop
Choose from a variety of Stand-Alone bracket models.


  • Low cost 2-hole model easily attaches to horizontal pallet rack load beam


  • 6-hole model provides more versatility for adding strut channel 

Bolt-on Stand-Alone Load Stop

Clip-on Stand-Alone Load Stop Punch Deck Screw-on Load Stop


  • Sturdy bracket has 6 holes for adding strut channel if desired


  • Provides easy intallation and has 6 holes for adding strut channel if desired


  • 6-hole punch deck model does not interfere with most punch deck installations

Screw-on load stop bracket




  • 2-hole model attached to horizontal pallet rack beam


  • 2-hole models attached to horizontal pallet rack beam with strut channel added 






  • Attached to horizontal pallet rack beam with horiztontal strut channel added


  • Attached to horizontal pallet rack beam with vertical strut channel added



Adapt-a-Stop® is versatile!



As shown, nearby items such as bi-parting door pathways
 door mechanisms can easily be protected from damage too.

Position the Adapt-a-Stop® load stop at desired height to
protect nearby items.  




Pallet rack bays stay neat & tidy:



Install the Adapt-a-Stop® load stop at any desired
height to manage unruly product or bulky pallets. 
As shown, a pallet of onions is threatening to lean
outside of the bay.  But, the Adapt-a-Stop
® load stop
keeps the pallet contents in place. Adapt-a-Stop
connection brackets greatly increase material handlers'
productivity by providing a load stop guide to align
pallets.  Less hit and miss placement!



Use pallet rack safety netting attached to Adapt-a-Stop® 
load stops to help contain product within bays. Netting shown 
is produced by Industrial Netting, Minneapolis, MN.


Just one pallet of brackets can cover hundreds of bays:

A pallet of 500 Adapt-a-Stop® brackets can quickly and easily create load stops for as many as 490 pallet rack bays; depending on the number of end rows being covered.  As shown in the photo, a pallet that's 3 1/2 feet high can hold 500 brackets. The brackets pack together conveniently so they take up minimal space.
multi pallet



One-piece load stop bars can't compare:

Other horizontal load stops on the market today are only available via special order to be fabricated to fit each bay size and desired offset. Note that longtitudinal flue space might be encroached, thus violating fire code regulations, if using this type of bar close to sprinkler heads. Plus, the one-piece bars aren't as sturdy as Adapt-a-Stop® load stop systems and could easily be damaged over time.







Accidents & violations are too common:

Open pallet rack bays are easily susceptible to misplaced pallets. Companies should not risk exposing their workers or customers to possible accidents from poorly stored products.  Damaged facilities, ruined product, or food safety storage violations are all too common.  Flue space violations for fire protection regulations are also a concern.


Typical Damage Examples:

 damagedpipe  damagedwall  





Flue Space & Food Storage Violations:

 Flue1  danger1  Flue2





Flue Space Violation Examples Provided by James Art, Fire Protection Engineer:

JArt FlueSpc2 JArt FlueSpc1  


Other vertical load stops can't compare:
Most vertical load stop bars attached to the back of horizontal load beams are not able to withstand repeated impact from pallets. As shown in the photos below, vertical bars in bays on the ground floor are most vulnerable to damage since the bar is usually only attached and supported from the top with one bolt. As a result, bars bend easily or slide out of place, rendering the load stop much less useful.
 damagedvertstop  damagedvert  vertdamage1


Instead, install Adapt-a-Stop® vertical brackets for structurally sound vertical load stops. They are double bolted to prevent movement and fit tightly around a horizontal load beam. Combine a vertical Adapt-a-Stop® load stop with a horizontal Adapt-a-Stop® load stop at ground level to maxmize strength (see photo on left below). Alternatively, you can purchase a vertical beam floor mount bracket to secure the vertical beam to the floor (see photo on right below).



V9 V1



ClampOnS2a ClampOnS3a


Choose from a single Vertical Adapt-a-Stop® bracket or the 2 piece model. Vertical Adapt-a-Stop® load stop brackets can easily be used with punchdeck or wire decking.  


Custom brackets available:










Adapt-a-Stop® brackets can be created per your specifications to fit your clearance, pallet rack style, or other needs.  




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